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 This is a site that hosts the creation of anything- even nonexistent and unrealistic oc's! There may not be a lot of members, but we all have big hearts and are very welcoming. All you have to do is make your own original character, follow the rules, and, of course, be active!  We love creativity, so go crazy on your characters and stories.

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For now..let's just say all of our characters live in the same area. Just one big city with open fields and space surrounding it, okay? We'll call this city, uh...Ena. Because I obviously have no imagination whatsoever. Ena has a ton of things to do, and we'll try to entertain you with a lot of places to go. There'll be restaurants, fast food places, theaters, malls, shopping centers, parks, water parks, amusement parks, apartments, houses, schools, mini golf, lakes, lake cabins, camping areas, whatever you guys request. We have plenty of pages, so if you feel like you want to rp somewhere, please speak up!




I actually don't have that many rules for you guys here! It'll be very different from D&F and Threeclanz, and allows more freedom for you to do whatever you want. I only request a few things from you guys just to make it fair for everybody here. See? Only six rules, not too shabby, amirite?  

 1.  Don't rp somebody's character without their permission.

2.  Don't copy somebody's character. This site is here for you to explore ideas and have fun with them!

3.  I don't mind if you chat in the boxes, just try not to flood out the rp. If you can, rp and chat in the same post.

4. When entering characters in the Guestbook, be super descriptive. I know from experience that you'll forget what your character looks like if it's too complicated. Entering characters in the Guestbook is for your own good, trust me on this one.

5. Your character cannot  injure/kill/anything without the other person's permission.

6. Lastly, stray from lemon rps! Many people are highly uncomfortable with stuff like that



You guys can go crazy with these characters, really. I mean... obviously almost nothing here is realistic. Have fun with the colors. Add horns, tails, ears, noses, piercings, hooves, paws,  whATEVER. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE REAL. Interesting backstories are fun, too. Like I've said several times before, this site is for each and every member to have fun and focuses on the creativity as a whole. AND LET'S NOT FORGET ABOUT THE PERSONALITIES, HM? Instead of having that mary-sue character (for those of you that don't know what a mary-sue is, it's basically that perfect character that has no flaws and is always happy-go-lucky), at least try to have a single flaw or bad trait in your character. Whether it's being short-tempered, emotionally unstable, or snobby, keep away from those mary-sues!









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